About me

Hello! Welcome. I’m Hannah, aka Pinch of Kale. A plant-based foodie twenty-something from the UK.

After a period of solo travel at the beginning of 2018, I returned to the UK (as cliché as it sounds) a somewhat different Hannah to the one who had left London 4 months prior. No, I didn’t ‘find myself’, nor did I have a massive revelation about life, but I did, so to speak, have a somewhat different perspective on certain things.

My travels confirmed to me how much I simply just wanted to share my love for food, vegan food, more specifically and living a healthy, balanced, plant-based lifestyle. All in all, something which has most definitely taken me a little while to fine-tune (and I probably still am).

I’ve had blogs (if you can call them that) in the past where I’ve uploaded recipes, and the rest of the time annoyed everyone I know on Instagram by uploading pictures of my food that they really just didn’t want to see. I find so much joy in it all, particularly creating recipes and experimenting in a way that showcases all of the incredible qualities and nutritional benefits of certain foods. I think being unable to do that for the months that I was away showed me just how much I really do love it. Food, and what it can do for you, really is amazing.

And so became Pinch of Kale. My little space in the world to do just that. But this time, I’m going for it, for real this time.

Whether you’re vegan yourself and looking for a little bit of inspiration, or a meat three times a day kind of person and looking to include a few more plant-based meals into your life (go you!), my aim is simply to create new and hopefully delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

So with that being said, whatever you’re here for, I hope it brings you everything and more.

Thanks for stopping by, it means an awful lot.